Friday, June 17, 2011

Cookies to Cupcakes

So I thought instead of writing about a million posts on desserts and other goodies I have already made, I would just do the one post with a few collages of things I've made over the last couple of years. Now you have to realise this really isn't everything I've made in the last couple of years, just the things I managed to get photos of before they were eaten! That tends to happen pretty quickly in my house especially with my fiance around! Anyway, so here's a few of the desserts I have baked.

From left to right.
Top Row: Snowflake Christmas Cookies, Eton Mess, Vanilla & Chocolate Butterfly Cupcakes
Middle Row: Choc Covered Anzac Cookies, Custard Tart, Vanilla Cookie Christmas Trees
Bottom Row: Smarties & M&Ms Cupcakes, Candy Cane & Christmas Tree Cookies, Mini Pavlovas

Baby Shower Onesie 'It's A Girl' Cookies. (If you look in my logo you will also see the 'It's A Boy' version.

Train birthday cake I made for my sister's 25th birthday (she asked for it by the way).

I do plan on trying to bake at least one different dessert a week that I can photograph and share on here, however, I'm already off to a rocky start since I'm sick and can't do much this week. I will be trying something new soon though, so keep an eye out!

"Stressed spelled backwards is desserts! Coincidence? I think not!" - Author Unknown

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