Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pavlova topped with Fresh Berries

I decided that along with the bee sting cake (mentioned in my previous post) that I needed to also make something with a bit of colour! So what better than a simple pavlova topped with cream and berries! I'm actually surprised the berries lasted long enough to get on the pavlova, since Tom LOVES them and always eats them by the bowl full. Normally when I make pavlova, I make mini individual pavlovas so it avoids the whole issue of cutting slices. However, I decided this time to just make the big one and I'm glad I did. I love decorating the top!

Here's a few photos!

Bee Sting Cake

This past weekend we had lunch at Tom's house for his mum's birthday, so of course I jumped at the chance to bake! A bee sting cake was requested (according to Tom, but he loves it so it might have just been his own request) and since I needed to test out my recipe again for an upcoming event I decided to make it. The recipe I have though doesn't rise too much and if anyone has seen a bee sting cake then you know it needs to be cut in half with a custard cream in the middle. This was not achievable with how small it turned out. So I decided to make a second one, just without the almond glaze on top, and used it as the base! It's a pretty easy recipe so it wasn't too much trouble.

I'm really happy with how it all turned out, I even made pavlova too which I will discuss in the next post tonight. Here's a few photos of the bee sting!