Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lavender Cupcakes

Last weekend Tom and I decided to go for a drive through the Barossa Valley, including areas like Lyndoch, Tanunda, etc. While we were there we stopped in at the Lavender Farm just outside of Lyndoch. It was very pretty with abotu 80 different kinds of lavender, but I think we have to go back in a few months when more of the flowers are blossoming.

Anyway, while we were there we went into their little gift shop that had pretty much lavender everything. There was dried lavender, lavender massage oil, lavender candles, lavender moisturiser, lavender jelly (which of course Tom bought) and then I saw it... lavender tea! I had been searching for it a few months ago to try and make lavender cupcakes and had no luck. I was so excited that I made the cupcakes the next day!

The taste is a bit confusing, you would think that they would taste like a perfume being lavender but they didnt. They were like eating a vanilla cupcake with a slight aroma of lavender. Quite fluffy and moist too! Of course I had to add the lavender icing and a few lavender flowers, I think I mainly like them because they're so purple!

Here they are...

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